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‘Sister Wives’ family members enjoying new house in Flagstaff

‘Sister Wives’ family members enjoying new house in Flagstaff

The patriarch of this family that is polygamous television’s « Sister Wives » drove around their brand new hometown in north Arizona, admiring the hill views yet still taking into consideration the heap of bins that needed sorting at the domiciles he rented for their four wives and 18 kids.

« We relocated to paradise, but we are in residing hell at this time,  » Kody Brown stated, laughing, during a current phone meeting with all the Associated Press.

Packing up four going vehicles in Las Vegas during triple-digit July temperature and using their household to Flagstaff, a liberal university town in mostly conservative Arizona, had been no task that is easy.

Nevertheless the Browns stated they required a brand new spot to phone home — and movie their TLC truth show — after realizing they don’t desire to feel my age in nevada. They stated they lived here in « exile » after fleeing Utah last year beneath the risk of prosecution following a premiere of these groundbreaking show.

Flagstaff residents have a « live and allow live » mindset, therefore the City Council has passed away resolutions diversity that is promoting addition. The town has winter that is snowy and it is a well known destination for desert dwellers to cool down.

That open-mindedness and beauty attracted the Browns once they eliminated time for Utah, where they feel discrimination continues against plural families.

« Let’s simply state there are many hippies in Flagstaff, and they are awesome,  » Brown stated.

Being hitched to one or more individual, or bigamy, is unlawful over the united states of america. What the law states in Mormon-heavy Utah is regarded as stricter as a result of a distinctive supply that bars hitched hong kong cupid prices folks from coping with an extra « spiritual partner. « 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints abandoned polygamy in 1890 and strictly forbids it today. (suite…)

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