be friends with Oracle and APEX. Commenting your rule is critical!

be friends with Oracle and APEX. Commenting your rule is critical!

By Peter Raganitsch

Oh child, exactly what took place?

Yesterday we delivered a psychological tweet after reviewing a bit of (open supply) rule, that wasn’t documented well and didn’t consist of inline responses:

After that we switched far from Twitter, decided to go to rest, got up once more, together with a day that is awesome the household. Until we looked at my Twitter reactions and mentions.

Check out examples:

This discussion steered a way that is wrong partly painted a wrong photo and wasn’t the thing I had been after. I WOULD LIKE feedback. IN MY OPINION they’ve been good and vital.

Simply because some remarks are wrong or unnecessary, doesn’t suggest you shouldn’t comment after all.

The exact opposite is true: should you ever stumble across a incorrect remark in some rule, lets change it out. Lets enhance it. Lets repair it.

Regardless of how smart you think you will be. In spite of how “self explanatory” you believe your genius rule is. Remarks are vital. Commentary is there to describe the thinking behind your (crappy? ) rule to OTHER PEOPLE. They could never be because smart they might not have the same information level while you as you.

Heck, for several we realize they could maybe perhaps perhaps not be developers that are#orclAPEX all. I’ve seen Java dudes (no offense) tempering with APEX applications. Mostly we come across regular database designers, or previous Forms designers scuba scuba scuba diving into APEX. They want guidance and much more description of the “oh so code” that is smart.

Now get the individual emotions apart and do your work. Precisely! And create the absolute most code that is beautiful ever!

P.S.: I Understand, I Am Aware. Life is difficult, there is absolutely no time. No one desires to spend you for additional time. But commenting your rule isn’t additional time. Composing paperwork about execution details is certainly not time that is extra. It really is an essentialPART of computer computer software development.

If you should be in work that does not supply you with the time and energy to comment your rule, think about an alteration.

Expanding Oracle APEX – real time event in Vienna. AOP Introduction in Vienna

Quick Note: this October 4th 2019, will be a morning event about extending Oracle APEX with Single Page Applications, Master-Detail, and Drag&Drop friday. In Vienna during the Oracle workplace.

Browse the occasion details and join!

Reserve a spot that is free our AOP Introduction training, on November 8th 2019 in Vienna/Austria.

We invited Sunil Tandan through the APEX workplace Print Team, to offer a halfday intro training to any or all that is interested (and fits the room).

You should definitely book this if you are in the area.

Quickening APEX Static Application and Workspace Data

A years that are few it absolutely was deemed state-of-the-art to keep any type of extra resources (images, css/js-files) right on the webserver.

Needless to say it was simply the best-practice, left with several who have been unable to follow due to business limitations: no use of internet host, perhaps maybe maybe not permitted to keep files, a lot of laws, and so forth.

Fortunately APEX 5++ gave us well working Static Application data and Static Workspace Files. Now most people are utilizing those to keep files that are extra.

Tomcat with ORDS operating APEX behind a reverse proxy

Not long ago we posted helpful information simple tips to put up nginx as a reverse proxy in the front of tomcat to operate ORDS and APEX. Begin to see the post right here.

An available issue had been that APEX had been nevertheless thinking it operates on slot 80 with http, while nginx ended up being running https on slot 443.

APEX Survey

As a huge fan of APEX Packaged Applications i usually desired to have actual life usecase for the Survey Builder.

Make use of directory framework as Image Prefix in APEX

Frequently the APEX images have a home in a directory in your server called /i/, that can be changed on application or instance degree.

In 95per cent of all of the full cases i saw, the image prefix is /i/, frequently it’s extended with a variation quantity like /i501/ or /i181/. Maintain reading >

The Oracle APEX Reverse Proxy Gu published on 08.10.2018 by Peter Raganitsch

Just lately we discussed changing the /ords Address to something different, now I would like to show another login real method to manipulate the URL.

I usually disliked deploying multiple ORDS circumstances, merely to offer paths that are different the exact same DB. This happened away from legacy or SEO purposes to date.

Now let’s put up a reverse that is simple to produce any URL framework you desire for your APEX host.

Deploy ORDS on tomcat in a subdirectory

Often ORDS is deployed on Tomcat just as /ords, appropriate?

Where do you turn, if you would like an alternate title than ords, let’s say you desire to see “bruce” when you look at the Address? Simple solution: simply rename ords. War to bruce. War before deploying to Tomcat.

Exactly what if you wish to have “mod/plsql“, like in http: //myserver. Tld: 8080/mod/plsql?

Why the Trim Spaces environment on APEX items is essential

Oracle APEX supplies a setting that is declarative Text and Textarea what to “Trim Spaces”, which will eliminate leading/trailing areas through the user input prior to saving the value into the database.